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Date:2007-02-02 02:39
Subject:One Time (in between)

A poem I wrote last October
about a love loved and lost.

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Date:2006-10-13 20:18
Subject:Art Expo feat. photos from Juarez, my house, this weekend

Ernesto and Gabriel invite you (well, everyone)
to the inaugural showing of art at our house on
1345 University in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

On October 13-15 we bring you "WE HAD AN
," a collection
of photography
from and about Juarez, Mexico
acquired last Saturday during our art opening for
Breaquebrar (runs until November 7) at Mecenas
Gallery. The photographs come from a group of
young photographers from Juarez and feature city
scenes, portraits, experimental and figure shots
All photos (about 100) will be priced inexpensively.
We will have punch and pie (or something to that
effect. ;)

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Date:2006-09-26 02:15
Subject:Las Cruces, NM artists in Juarez, MX

hello all!

the time has finally arrived

BREAQUEBRAR, the art show some may have heard me speak of is happening
October 7 at 7:00p in Mecenas Gallery, Juarez, MX

this show features performers and artists who reside and work in las cruces, new mexico
this show is a part of the Festival Internacional de Chihuahua, http://www.chihuahua.gob.mx

this is your first warning

ernesto porras


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Date:2006-07-04 06:18
Subject:For my fellow Patriots!
Mood: Patriotic

Here's to all that contribute and make our country beautiful.


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Date:2006-06-16 12:14
Subject:Looking For Some Musicians!!
Mood: creative

Big Up!! I'm looking for some musicians to take part in an upcoming Reggae/Ska/Blues/Funk/Jazz (woah what a combo!) band that’s about to rise up!

What we need:

Pretty much ANYTHING...if you feel as if you could jam something interesting out...we wanna feel ya ;)

Guitar..... Bass......Keyboards....

Drums and ANY type of percussion...MORE percussion...we want MUCH percussion...

We gots Congas...but we're looking for more players...

Horns...any type of horns...we already have ONE trumpet...

What we got:

Some Djembes...Congas...Voices...Trumpet...and a whole lotta SOUL!!!

So, if you're interested in jamming some good vibes...all laid back stylee...contact ME!!

Sistren Liz (www.myspace.com/sistrenliz)

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Date:2006-05-12 01:30


It was something in the air
As we jumped carelessly
Something we inhaled
That made us so free
I jumped and you caught me
You made me feel okay
And uninhibited
I let you see
I opened up like never before
I welcomed you in
And you indulged
As you came towards me
I let go
And you intoxicated me
I sat tasting your liquor
And you devoured me
And I didn’t fight it
I found fighting futile
Instead I slipped
And I let myself drown
And not for a second
Do I regret you.


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Date:2006-04-18 08:53
Subject:4:20 Punky Reggae Party!!!
Mood: jubilant

Just wanted to remind you of the show thats goin down on 4:20 (Apr. 20)....

We all know that DURTY WATURZ (Roots Reggae) is gonna break it down..along with other bands: Los Muertos and Radio La Chusma. AND there is also gonna be some Open Mic Poetry that you dont wanna miss!!

So, come bless some herb with us!!!

Thurs. Apr. 20th
9pm @ The District 412 E. San Antonio
18 & Over
$5 Cover!!

Also...I'm inviting you to go listen to DURTY WATURZ song "Enough" on their myspace. And if you havent added them yet...please click that "ADD ME" button...much Raspect to them boys...



Sis Liz

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Date:2006-04-14 20:40
Subject:and all the good men cried

One satisfying hunger
Has left deftness in its wake,
Yet what good is nimble disposition
Once doused in frank, upwelling lake?

I was a rotten child once,
Now a convert to uncertain throes.
Good nature's left me weak and winded
In lands abound with strong-willed foes.

And all my gods have stretched their wills
Like so much bread on starving butter -
I'd hoped my masquerade of frills
Would last me just a little longer.

But here we have the 'real thing',
That dark, foreboding hint of lie,
This world that's full of hiding strangers
Has left all the good men to cry.

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Date:2006-04-13 13:10




 One word

One look


Even a simple vibe


Sends you into a rage


Youre volatile


You erupt


And Im left                              speechless



As youre scathing looks

Burn me completely


I combust


The thick silence   oozing from within you


Is like acid
To my porcelain skin


It devours me


And Im left shaken


Confused at your outburst of anger

Youre unpredictable




Your moods are erratic

And unknowingly


I shift your shape


Youre explosive


Even when I dont mean to

I can call out

The fire-breathing demon within


And once its out

I have no way

Of putting it back


So easily you evolve

And I dont understand


Youre combustible


And I dont know when

I shouldnt play with fire.



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Date:2006-02-09 17:01
Subject:image in the mirror
Mood: lalala

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Date:2006-02-09 16:41
Subject:Durty Waturz TONIGHT!!
Mood: energetic

Durty Waturz (Roots Reggae) will be playing a show tonight at Lucky Devils!! Come enjoy the positive vibrations with us :D

When: Tonight (Feb 9th)

Time: 9pm

Where: Lucky Devils 1510 Bengal (OFF LOMA LAND)

Cost: 5 bux


Sis Liz


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Date:2006-02-02 13:28
Subject:DURTY WATURZ (Roots Reggae) SHOW TONIGHT!!!

Durty Waturz plays at Lucky Devils every Thursday night....

Come vibe with us :D

When: Thurs. 2nd (tonight) at 9pm

Where: LUCKY DEVIL'S BAR 1510 Bengal Suite B

Cover: 5 bucks!!!


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Date:2006-01-05 02:34
Subject:Love Is
Mood: flirty

Love Is

I told him that I loved him
And he asked me what love is
It took a while for the answer to come
But when it finally did, I told him this:
Love is the velvet petal
On the last rose left before winter hits
Love is the morning dew
Caressing blades of grass
Love is the song of the birds
That flows through an open window in mid-July
Love is the smell of a honeysuckle
The sound of a hummingbird
The splash of water that hits your shoulders
When standing next to a waterfall
Love is the feeling you get
When you see the first rainbow of spring
It’s the shine of the moon
Reflected in the sparkling ocean
Love is the warmth of summer across your face
The smell of lemonade on a hot August day
Love is the sound of rustling leaves
The beauty of a snowflake
The brilliance of a fire
Love is the tear on my face
When you say goodbye
The longing in my heart
When you’re not by my side
It’s the anticipation of seeing you
The excitement of being close to you
The serenity of lying wrapped in up in your arms
The simplicity of a kiss
The want of an embrace
Love is why when I’m with you
Nothing else in the world matters but us.


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Date:2005-12-04 16:58
Subject:Bossa Nova/Latin/World Music Show!!!
Mood: chipper

Andrew Dahl Bredine from Silver City, NM will be playing a show:

Thursday Dec 08, 2005
The Hookah Experience
916 N. Mesa
El Paso, TX 79901
@ 9pm

People this is gonna be a good one...I suggest you all go!!

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Date:2005-11-23 15:48

small birds stay off the shore

the sailor says "hi, im going insane."

and zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom

how high do we want to get? with a bowl of penecillan and a death threat?

keep in mind, kind in mind its...a turntable playing all the songs tonight

keep it wild, keep it crazy

the pulse and the beat cant die, not yet

its high sea, and lucky threes

give it all even if you aint got nothing left

no pressure but everythings riding on this

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Date:2005-09-27 02:01
Subject:I Ask Of We
Mood: contemplative

Foolishly fighting to be eminent in a domain beyond space and time.
Forever contemplating and searching out of self for true peace of mind.

But I ask of you to branch out thought, open the heart, and release thy soul.
Embrace my hand and trodden with me the path of becoming part of the whole.

Our mission, to bring the long sought ineffable to words,
Growing wings, and becoming fluent in the language of birds.

When we reach the end we will be reborn together in a womb of love.
Wisdom will rain upon our brow from the ever expansive universe above.

So when I outstretch my hand, will you please walk with me?
For fully comprehending the intangible infinite shall set us free.

©2005 Sage E. Hollar

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Date:2005-08-18 11:14
Subject:The Drip Coffee Lounge is bangin'!!
Mood: crazy

Thursday 8pm $5.00 cover
"Hip Hop Coffee Shop" night
R& B singer
Slam Poetry
Spoken Word

Friday (free)
open Mic 8pm

Saturday (free)
art opening 8pm
**after part to follow!!!**

Sunday (free)
jazz ensamble 7pm

see you there! :)

The Drip
Coffee Lounge
4601 Hondo Pass Ste A
El Paso, TX 79904
(corner of hondo pass & stahala)

aim = DripLounge

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Date:2005-08-18 00:01
Mood: crushed

I don't really like this but it's everything I had to get down on paper...

What the Rain Conceals
I drive through the rain
My windows open
Rain falling hard
Splashing my face
Hiding the painful tears

I cry hard
Wishing everything
Were somehow different

The pain in my heart
Mixes with the water
Falling swiftly from the sky

The lightning shines
Across this thunderstriken face

It hurts
And I wish it would drip away
Dry away into oblivion

What did I do
Why is it always my fault
I'm cursed
Happiness is only a wish I make

A wish that floats away
Into the wet night

With my windows open
I feel each raindrop
Splash across my skin

It's a cleansing feeling
But it's an illusion
My heart feels filthy
As guilt wraps around it

I can't let it go
But I wish I could

I wish I could disappear
Like this water will
When the sunshine drys it away

But tomorrow
I'll still feel the hurt
I'll continue to cry
Without the raindrops
To hide my pained face


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Date:2005-08-17 23:29

I (As In Me)
My marvelous essence is intactile,
Making the most acute senses reconcile.
I am nothing and everything at the very same moment.
I cannot be grasped by the highest of intelligence quotients.
I’m beyond the confines of visual depth,
Incapable of being enclosed in length or breadth.
I exist in a singular consciousness stemming from a multitude of minds.
I am the absolute divine transcribed into rhyme.

©2005 Sage E. Hollar

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Date:2005-08-17 23:22
Mood: *sigh*

In Finding
He finds,
He is dwelling in the past,
Daydreaming of the future,
Only to be devoured by the present.
He finds,
A new dawn filled with cliché.
Remnants of yesterday drenched in the sun’s monochromatic rays.
He finds,
Himself getting lost in their faces.
Feelings becoming trophies and pieces on mantle places.
He finds,
There aren’t enough parts to make a whole.
Apparently when the body was stripped naked so was the soul.

©2005 Sage E. Hollar

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